I know we are intelligent enough at this blog to call Football what it is supposed to be called: FOOTBALL.

Yet, I am always fascinated with the interest in football (or the lack thereof) in the U.S. of A. and it all starts with the word „Soccer“.

The OALD (a british dictionary respectively) has this definition for soccer:

soccer /sk{shwa}(r); NAmE sk/ noun [U] = football (1): soccer players a soccer pitch / team / match

As you can see we are running in circles here, because „Soccer“ leads us right back to where we started.

Still, I tried to tackle this problem, and stumbled across an interesting post on one of my favourite Weblogs CJR Daily.

One line reads:

„There you have it,“ says Malone. „Soccer is dull. Golf, on the other hand — now that’s exciting!“

Why is watching Tiger Woods, yet loose another tournament after being hyped for weeks, or Phil Mickelson missing the big win, yet again against someone else who came up in Tiger’s absence in any way more interesting than watching 32 nations battling their hearts out in order to win the most prestigious sports trophy in the world (no, Olympic Gold Medals are not trophies)? (mehr …)